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Avoid a Brow-Beating

Put down those tweezers and leave your eyebrow care to the professionals.

"People didn't know that you could get a perfect eyebrow arch-they didn't know how good they could look," enthuses Melinda Rodriguez, owner of the Lashe Spot, a space devoted solely to the beautification and maintenance of brows and lashes. The business' philosophy hinges on one assumption: DIY eyebrow upkeep is incomparable to the trained hand of a waxing professional. "You don't know when to stop," Rodriguez explains. "You over-pluck and over-cut."

A thick, full eyebrow is fundamental for any contemporary style. The Lashe Spot staff emphasizes that trends right now focus on cleaning up the eyebrow's natural arch, which inherently complements facial structure. To help sculpt that shape, She Lashe Spot uses Anastasia brow stencils, which come in different sizes for every girth and length of brow. A standard dark-brown eye shadow. works well to fill in the stencil, marking guidelines for subsequent waxing. Once the wax is applied and stripped the technician goes over thee area with tweezers to ca" any stray hairs. Finally she'll comb, the brow upward to trim the hairs, being careful to leave enough length that the hair will fall In the direction of. natural growth.

Though all thee took for eyebrow cam cps be gathered for use at home-Anastasia brow kits can be purchased at Sephora for $75 Rodriguez maintains It's a job best left to professionals. And while an eyebrow wax at the Lashe Spot runs $30, Rodriguez does her best to make the experience worthwhile. Patrons he down on plush beds during the 30-minute process, at the end of which the technicians use an eyebrow highlighter to hide any redness from the procedure and fill in any gaps or thin spots with powder.

But waxing isn't your only brow-care option. Threading, a technique imported from India, is available at many local shops in the city's ethnic boroughs. The disadvantage, Rodriguez says, is that threading cuts the hair off near the surface, meaning he hair grows back quicker. And plucking has a tendency to break the hair, creating the "black dot effect" of visible hair just below the skin's surface.

"It's not only making the perfect eyebrow arch, it's using the right product," Rodriguez says. "We're taking this technique to the next level."