TimeOut Chicago

Doelike lashes

Applying mascara has never seemed like much of a hassle, but it's apparently too taxing for the growing number of beauty junkies who opt for eyelash extensions—think hair extensions on a smaller scale. They last up to two months before shedding, and they're waterproof—so you can shower, swim and do all of your regular activities without destroying the long-lashed look.

Initially, we were skeptical of the benefits of lash extensions. Could it really be worth a few hundred dollars just to be more eye-catching? But aesthetician Ignacia Garcia of Roque Salon, whose own extensions looked surprisingly natural, promised that we'd love them. To get ours, we lay supine on a padded table while Garcia gently covered our lower lashes with a cottony pad (to protect them from tangling with the upper set). She then applied a bonding agent to the top lashes, and painstakingly affixed an extension to each individual eyelash.

The painless procedure took almost two hours, and although Garcia says that many clients nod off, we grew fidgety after 45 minutes. But the wait was worth it: We could barely believe our eyes upon looking in the mirror. The lashes were softly curled, thicker and longer, yet they looked completely natural. They even felt just like our own lashes. Even without any makeup, our appearance was fresher and just plain prettier. Our earlier skepticism dissolved with the blink of an eye.