From the beginner to the experienced professional, our customized courses are designed to teach you techniques that can be outmatched by none. It is not enough to use premium products, but to use them correctly to achieve the ultimate look. We offer initial to advanced training in eyelash extensions as well as training for auxiliary services, such as airbrush make-up and eyebrow stenciling. Complete personnel training courses for salons and Spanish language manuals and classes are available. We encourage you to contact us with any questions.

The Lashe Spot's goal is to certify and graduate 100% salon ready technicians that are capable of precision extension applications, and are experts in the terminology and techniques used in the field. Through our extensive hands-on training courses, Lashe Spot certification is a symbol of expertise and is the most thorough training available. You cannot learn how to apply eyelash extensions in one day! Our methods have been salon tested and client approved. Our advanced courses have been designed to be the most comprehensive training available, teaching the design elements, innovation, and artistry of seamless eyelash extension applications.

Lashe Spot Studio's Level One Class is a five (5) DAY course designed to give you the experience, practice and feedback that you need to become a success. After you complete the theory section of the class, you will have hands on training with some of the industry's most experienced professionals who have performed thousands of eyelash extension applications.

Lashe Spot Studio instructors will guide you in learning all the necessary skills and prepare you for your new career. You will work on live model, not mannequin heads. The majority of the class time is geared for hands-on practice, not selling you on being self-employed. Our real life scenario training will educate you and give you the experience you need to perform precision applications on day one of graduation.

The Lashe Spot Studio only trains licensed health or beauty industry professionals, and proper credentials must be submitted for review. You must be a licensed professional to receive initial training, and be a certified eyelash technician for advanced training. Only Lashe Spot certified technicians can purchase application products from Lashe Spot. We ensure superior craftsmanship by all Lashe Spot certified technicians.

Re-certification and Advanced Techniques Courses Available.

A Focus on Education and Our Techniques

Lashe Spot believes that a strong education is the key to shaping a successful and rewarding career. We have designed a wide range of courses to accommodate a variety of experience levels and learning needs to guide you in technical and creative excellence.

Our intimate, personal class atmosphere allows us to nurture your development at every stage of the program, through theory and intensive hands-on experience. The study of application is a complex and intricate process. There will be multiple instructors in the studio environment guiding you every step of the way, teaching you a strong foundation and the fundamentals of precision applications. 

Prior to your arrival to the Lashe Spot Studio, you will be required to have read the manual, had some practice familiarizing yourself with the tools, and feeling comfortable with them. You will have an over-the-phone pre-arrival consultation to discuss your skill level and items that you need to master prior to arrival. The first day of instruction will revolve around theory and basic application techniques. The remainder of the class will be intense training consisting of: deconstructing methods, Lashe Spot precision techniques, creativity, revealing advanced techniques, and industry insight. You will be working on a total of twelve (12) models. Lashe Spot will provide you with all of the supplies you need for instruction, but you must bring all of your tools from the kit to class.

The studio environment is designed to expose you to the environment of an eyelash extension salon/spa. The real life scenario training will build your confidence, knowledge, expertise, and creative capabilities immediately. Upon graduation from the Lashe Spot Studio, you will be fully prepared for your new career and 100% salon ready. The Lashe Spot Studio graduation will serve as a platform for success and as a spring-board into your new career.

Additional business training courses available upon completion and commence on the fifth day include instruction on: client communication, client consultation, retail performance, presentation skills, business building, and marketing.